Valuing, respecting and utilising people's mental health experiences
Ka wāriu ka whakaute a ka whakapau e ngā wheako mate a hinengaro o ngā tangata

What is peer support?

Peer support is any organised support or service provided by and for people with mental health problems. Examples include self-help groups, peer partnerships and peer delivered services. Values underpinning peer support derive from the consumer movement and recovery philosophy and include self determination and equality, mutuality and empathy, and recovery and hope.

Toka Tū Peer Support Research

In 2011, we commenced a three year project to support 10 peer support programmes around New Zealand to increase their capability and capacity to undertake evaluation and develop an evidence base associated with recovery-focused peer-support services. In partnership with the programmes we will identify and support the undertaking of process and outcome evaluation. The results will contribute not only to planning and delivery of individual programmes but also but also begin to develop a New Zealand body of knowledge evidencing the value of peer support services.

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Youth Peer Support Forum

Objective; To engage with young people and see how interested
they were about setting up a Youth Peer Support service in

An earlier forum was held in March 2014 to engage with young people and see how interested they were about setting up a Youth Peer Support service in Wellington. The Forums are a collaboration between Capital and Coast Early Intervention Service and Kites Trust.

Forum  Summary 

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Kites Trust provides peer support through mentoring to organisations and providers of community mental health services.

Kites’ process of mentoring involves initial analysis, then development of an appropriate support system and action plans for the organisation involved. Identifying requirements is done via a SWOT analysis and site visits. A key component to success is the growth and strengthening of relationships and networks.

Through mentoring, Kites offers a framework that enables organisations to meet their key objectives and contractual requirements. A common barrier to success is often the challenge of translating service specifications into effective work plans, to take into account the demographics of the region, capacity of the organisation, available resources and skills of the workforce. Once these factors have been identified and structured into a timeline of action, achieving milestones is likely to be more attainable.


As a not for profit organisation Kites is sometimes in a position to financially support other initiatives that forward our purpose. One such initiative is the development of peer led well-being and recovery packages called PEERZONE. For further information visit

In 2012 Kites  was able to offer financial support to AWARENESS Canterbury Action on Mental Health and Addictions in their goal of producing a DVD to support the elimination of the practice of seclusion. The DVD is an educational resource and is called "Opening Doors". Click here to view the DVD.


Peer Support Research

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Centre of  Excellence in Peer Support  Australian specialist clearinghouse and online resource centre for mental health peer support